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    The indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast feature killer whales throughout their history, art, spirituality and religion. The Haida regarded killer whales as the most powerful animals in the ocean, and their mythology tells of killer whales living in houses and towns under the sea. According to these myths, they took on human form when submerged, and humans who drowned went to live with them. Hoping to catch a glimpse of the powerful whales? Come and stay with us for while.

    Orca Sighting Video in Hood Canal - 2014

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    Oyster Beach

    Rest-a-While has a private shellfish beach. The beach is open only to registered guests only. Oyster harvest runs from mid September to mid June when the water is cold. Clam digging is on Tuesdays and Saturdays year around, when the tide is at least a -1.0 and is during the daylight hours. Please check tide information and call the office for assitance. Click here for tide info.